Sustainable Way out of the Crisis - Construction Industry can set Good Example

The construction industry can become more sustainable after the Corona crisis.


Ulrike Beringer

Director Corporate Communication & CSR @ Nemetschek Group

Sustainable Way out of the Crisis - Construction Industry can set Good Example

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Digitalization as opportunity

The growing openness towards digitalization is an opportunity to significantly reduce the ecological footprint of the construction industry. The current discussions about a sustainable way out of the economic crisis in the EU show that there are currently numerous challenges but also opportunities - especially when it comes to environmental protection. To achieve the ambitious climate goals of the EU Green Deal, all sectors have to rethink, not least the construction industry, one of the most resource-intensive sectors. Buildings and structures make up 36% of global energy consumption and almost 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions.

Numerous actors must work together to make improvements, including the public sector and regulation.

Dr. Axel Kaufmann, Spokesman of the Executive Board and CFOO of the Nemetschek Group

"Many countries have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to digitization in the construction sector"


"But the industry could become an important driver for sustainability right now." It is a good opportunity to set the course in the right direction.

"The current openness to digital workflows should be used," says Kaufmann. "Participants in the construction industry can continue this trend comparatively easily and consistently introduce software and digital solutions into their construction processes and procedures."

Software solutions make the building process more efficient and help plan the use of resources more precisely and economically. This enables users to make an important contribution to climate and environmental protection. The digital working method "Building Information Modeling" - or BIM for short - enables everyone involved to work together precisely, flexibly, and efficiently throughout the entire lifecycle of a building. This avoids budget and resource-intensive errors and shortcomings. The use of the building itself can also be designed efficiently and in a resource-saving manner using smart building software.

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